PHP form - A single email address not working

I’m having a weird glitch with one of my PHP forms. Using one of my email addresses in the “To” field, the form seems to work, but the email never arrives. Using any other address, the email does arrive.

*I’ve triple-checked that there are no typos in the address that’s having errors
*I’ve tried emailing directly from other accounts to that email and that works fine
*I’ve tried using different email addresses in the “To” field and the email goes through.

The email is hosted by Gmail and bounces to another account I check via IMAP, so I’m wondering if Gmail blocks the email somehow because the originating form is on the same website that the email is.

I can’t figure out how to diagnose the problem, as the form doesn’t get any fail messages, the emails just never get through.

Yep, that’d kill it. I’m fairly sure Panel warns us about the internal redirection trap when we setup Gmail-hosted email accounts.

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