PHP files returning 404 after hacked


Hey there,

I have an extremely weird issue where all of my .php files are returning 404 errors instead of the actual file (and they exist on the web as I uploaded and reuploaded them several times). I’ve tried all kinds of different files and they all do the same thing (here’s an example:

Little background info: I logged in to my FTP account and noticed that all of my php files had been labeled with INFECTED, which I assume means Dreamhost found them to be infected by a hack (and it seems the only culprit would have been the Wordpress I had installed to use for testing purposes only).

Anyway, after contacting their customer support about it, they really haven’t given me any useful information as to whether they disabled my php or whether it was associated with the hack, and I don’t know what step to take next in order to restore PHP.

Any help or links to a similar issue would be greatly appreciated.



Is there an htaccess file in there redirecting to the now missing hacked files perhaps?

Your root folder is wide open


Yup, definitely sounds like a htaccess issue. Check the root directory.


That was just uploaded as a test, wasn’t too worried about the root access to it. However, I will certainly double check the .htaccess file again and see where the issue lies.

Thanks for the tips