Php file issue?

Adding Owncloud to my server. Aside from a rendering issue that OwnCloud seems to have with their files, I get this fun error message upon completion.

“PHP module intl not installed.
Please ask your server administrator to install the module.”

“PHP modules have been installed, but they are still listed as missing?
Please ask your server administrator to restart the web server.”

Now aside from the fact that the first error msg seems to be canceled by the second (why Owncloud? why…)
It looks as though it can’t resolve that the files are installed.

Anyone run into this joy?

Where are you installing OwnCloud: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server or DreamCompute? I personally don’t have experience with OwnCloud, I’ve only installed its most famous fork NextCloud because I got the feeling this is more supported nowadays. I tried installing NextCloud on VPS before the Ubuntu upgrade and I noticed that too many PHP pieces were suboptimally old… this reminds me I should try again.

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