Php-ffmeg install

Hey Everyone,
I have been trying to install the php-ffmpeg files for my website and I cannot get it to work. I have followed the scripts on wiki and process given to me by Dreamhost support, but I still cannot figure it out…

If anyone knows how to, where I may have gone wrong or would be interested in helping me out further, I would greatly appreciate it!


Hi Franco,

FFmpeg functionality is available on DreamHost servers already.

Are you requiring something more specific that necessitates a complete customisation?

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Hey sXi!

Well, I am trying to install it for converting movies to FLV files or mp3 directly from my site, just like YouTube does it…

Any suggestions??

For a YouTube-like site then ffmpeg-php is probably the easiest way to go about it. You’ll need to customise your php and build FFmpeg and ffmpeg-php along with the required dependencies (mplayer, vorbis-tools, codecs, etc.).

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I am currently working to build this on my server… and it hasn’t been a walk in the park… at all.

Basically… here is what I have deduced so far:

The FFMPEG that is compiled and ready for use on dreamhost is not complied with mp3lame support, therefore it cannot convert movie files to .flv. Also, the pre-loaded version of php does not include the ffmpeg-php extension, for use with Gallery2 or other Video sharing sites.

Now, at first I tried installing my own version of ffmpeg with lame compiled, but due to the way environment variables are being managed by the shared server, it requires your own version of php to be installed… and that is the sticking point, being that that I have had trouble compiling php on the shared server without there being lots of errors.

In any case, I am trying again today… from scratch… I have used others scripts and tutorials but most don’t work. (And the wiki is hopelessly out of date) :smiley:

I would be happy to detail the process here, when and if I get it to work, and if anyone has traveled this path successfully, I would appreciate any info you have. :slight_smile:



Other things I have found… ffmpeg-php cannot be installed with the native build of php on the server, because even when you install autoconf, you cant write to the server’s extentions folder, and even if you could you’d have to run under a custom php.ini to activate the extension… which has cause other problems for me on my server.

You’ll need to install autoconf followed by automake, then proceed.

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