Hi, Im trying to make a project whith flash and php whith sockets, and I need the path of the file php.exe that is using my site for execute a file manually.(is a batch file that requires to know the path of php.exe).
If its not possible to know it, i would like to recieve some information about what is the best way to install PHP in my site in other separately folder,
and if I can get some support to install it from your support service.

First, this is a customer-to-customer forum.

I do not know how to retrieve the path of php.exe file. But if you want to install your own PHP, you can read this article in wiki.

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The PHP executables aren’t .exe files, since DreamHost use Linux.

However, the paths to the PHP executables are as follow;






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Also, just an FYI. The wiki article linked above actually points to an acticle telling you how to set up your own configuration file for the install of php already on your server. There is an article in the wiki that tells you how to install your own copy of php too.

To the OP. If you’re familiar with SSH or telnet, you can use the command “whereis” to determine the location of a program. For instance “whereis php” returns the default path to php.

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