PHP - error opening pspell dictionary

I’m receiving the following error when trying to create an instance of a pspell dictionary:

Warning: pspell_new_config() [function.pspell-new-config]: PSPELL couldn’t open the dictionary. reason: I’m sorry I can’t find any suitable word lists for the language-tag “”. in /the/path/to/my/script/

The code causing the error is as follows:

$pspell_config = pspell_config_create(‘en’);
pspell_config_mode($pspell_config, PSPELL_FAST);
$pspell_link = pspell_new_config($pspell_config);

I am using the default PHP 5 install from DreamHost in the output from phpinfo I see that it was configured with --with-pspell=/usr. According to the docs if aspell 5.0 or newer is installed, pspell is not necessary and php can be compiled against the aspell libs.

Running ‘aspell -v’ gives: Aspell 0.60.3-20050121 and ‘aspell dump config’ shows:

dict-dir (string)

location of the main word list

default: = /usr/lib/aspell-0.60

I’ve even tried calling pspell_config_dict_dir and passing it the dict-dir path before calling pspell_new_config to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It seems to me that if DH compiles pspell into the PHP config it should work. Could someone else verify that this code generates the error I experienced?