PHP error logs



My site is on a VPS and it’s been down since Sunday. Dreamhost says my problems aren’t related to the problems they’re having with the Blingy clusters, but so far the solutions they’ve offered haven’t worked. Started getting 500 errors on Sunday and unusually high CPUs, even though nothing had changed on my site since Friday. My tech knowledge is pretty limited, but someone told me to get the PHP server error logs to see if this is a DH or WordPress problem, though I’m not clear where I can find those and when I searched the wiki, I couldn’t find them either. I’m pretty desperate at this point. Can anyone here help or provide a suggestion on what steps to take next?



Logs are in /var/log
Check syslog, and whatever else floats your boat. I find the most useful stuff in syslog.

I’m not sure if PHP will log its logs unless you tell it to. You could even start looking in your HTTP access and error logs. Some PHP-based software can even enable debugging and/or extensive logging.



Thanks, Scott. Much appreciated.