PHP Custom Install with Dbase Extension




I had a request to use PHP with the DBase extension, but Dreamhost won’t do it for me and they advice to install a custom PHP version with the DBase extension.

I have no clue where to start, any help with clear examples or steps to follow will be really appreciated.



You should be able to download the dbase extension from:

Then follow the directions at:


Andrew thanks for the response.

I did that, but I cannot copy the .so to the folder, permissions restrictions… I’m not hosted in a VPS so I don’t have root access and DreamHost refuses to install it for me.

Any other ideas?

Thanks Andrew.


You can install the extension to any folder in your home directory and specify that directory in the “extension” directive. One easy place to put it is in your ~/.php/5.3 directory, which would be specified in your phprc as:


I don’t clearly understand what you mean by: “in your ~/.php/5.3 directory”