PHP custom install issue

So i wanted to install my own copy of php so i can allow larger uploads.

i’ve used
for the information to install it on my server.
– at the end of the install script i get this…

configure: error: mcrypt.h not found. Please reinstall libmcrypt.
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
make: *** No rule to make target install'. Stop. cp: cannot stat/home/teamelusive/php/bin/php’: No such file or directory
---------- INSTALL COMPLETE! ----------

i’ve even went to
to check out what they have posted. but they still talk about the php folder within the bin folder.

also for the php4 install they say to put this in the .htaccess file.
AddHandler phpFour .php
Action phpFour /cgi-bin/php.cgi

^^and if i add this to the file nothing works on the site.

again it calls for the php.cgi which i don’t have since if couldn’t copy that data over from the folder.

need some pointers!! =)

The download of libmcrypt was failing from the url that was in the install script. I just changed the url in the script, so if you grab the updated version off the wiki it should work for you.

link still doesn’t work. it just downloads a 20K file as an error.
i manually went to the site, saved it, and uploaded through ftp. I’m now doing the part that didn’t go the first time…hopefully that fixes the issues.

thanks for the reply.

EDIT worked!! thanks for the help bud. just check out that link, so other ppl dont’ run into the same problem as i did. rocks! helped me a ton on something i didn’t think i could do on my own…