Php / css


As someone who has a background of useing perl and corn shell quite a lot as a unix administrator, now playing with a couple Joomla! websites on Dreamhost.

Was wondering if someone could suggest a good book from which to learn php / css


Dave Blakemore


Check out (and other relevant sources) before selecting a book.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost


Thanks, good pointer. Should have thought about myself. Have used the site in the past for other subjects.

Dave Blakemore


I’ve personally found the official sites ( and to be great references. Not great starting points if you don’t know anything about the topics yet, but you won’t get any better in terms of canonical references.

Don’t read the comments on, though. They’re often misleading or flat-out wrong.


Some of the comments on there function pages are helpful, for instance I found one person posting up a function in the str_replace page to use one associative array instead of 2 separate arrays to feed into str_replace.

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