Php compile: mhash.h missing?

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Hi all. I am trying to compile my own php binary to include a few thing that I need and I have run into a problem. The program that I want to use requires that I build mhash into php so I use --with-mhash in the ./config command. Problem is that I am getting this message:

checking for mhash support… yes
configure: error: Please reinstall libmhash - I cannot find mhash.h

So it looks to me like mhash support is there, but there is something freaky happning when it is looking for the libs. Any thoughts? I am trying to compile php 4.3.9 on cognac. Thanks in advance,



It’s saying going to need mhash support, but that it can’t find it. You’ll need to download libmhash and install it somewhere in your home directory (probably just add --prefix=$HOME/wherever to the configure command), and then specify that directory on the PHP configure command (probably --with-mhash=$HOME/wherever)


Thanks Mark, that worked up to a point. I managed to get mhash to play nicely, but then it threw a similar mcrypt error. I got that compiled and installed, and could get the configure command to work for php, but the make command failed when compiling the mcrypt bit. I’ll have to come back to in next week, I have wasted enough time today. Cheers,