Php code isn’t running

This is my first time uploading a website and my php code isn’t running despite having worked smoothly on local host

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More details will be needed to help debug, but a good place to start is to create a test.php file on your site and call phpinfo() (display PHP version and info). Here’s what test.php would look like:



This is something normal that happens to most php codes? I am considering changing my web server, do you it would be of any help?

Could you give more details. For example, which DH service are you using (Shared/VPS/Compute)? If on VPS, are you using the Apache or Nginx web server? etc…

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Shared hosting, thanks so much I figured it out. Turns out I had PDO and MySQLi connections at the same time, don’t know how but it worked on localhost but on server I only needed to use one

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i am happy to see that you resolved the problem. thanks for coming. keep sharing.