PHP CAPTCHA - Recommendations?

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I’m looking for a good CAPTCHA for use in a PHP environment. What does dreamhost use? Do you have a good recommendation? My users don’t like the ne I’m using - they say its too hard to read.


As you have no doubt discovered there are a lot of them out there. If you want to use one, I think it’s a lot about taste and personal preference (both your and your users).

The only place I’ve seen DreamHost use a captcha that immediately comes to mind is in their custom panel for when you have more than “N” number of domains/email accounts/users etc., but I have no idea what they are using. I think there is also one for “new” wiki account additions on the DreamHost wiki.

I happen to like reCAPTCHA myself, and I kinda like that it may actually being useful for something else as well as thwarting spamtards. :wink:



I highly recommend the PEAR Text_CAPTCHA generator. Easily configurable (change font, randomness, colour, size, orientation, etc). You can tweak it until your users find it readable.