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I want to get on the blog band wagon. Does anyone know of a good PHP blog application? something like PHPBB, but for blogs and not BBS. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Are you set on PHP? I think Movable Type ( is the most elegant thing going.

I don’t guess I am. I’m just much more familiar with PHP than anything else, and I’m very new to databases.
you are the 2nd person to suggest moveable type, so I should probably go with that since no one else can suggest anything else. thanks for your help.

Movable Type looks just like what I’m using: APC Action Apps (

AA uses PHP and mySQL and it has email notification, public discussion/comment capability, user management, etc… everything it looks like MT has. (In fact, the latest developers’ release has a Rich Text editor for the form fields your authors use when adding items to the site. It feels to them like they’re using MS Word, not filling out a html form…)

I’ve set up a couple of sites with it, so I’m not sure if you’ve set up site management apps like this before, because it can be really tedious. (You’ll also need PHPLib, and Dreamhost requires you to run your PHP scripts as cgi-php --it’s an easy fix, though, with a .htaccess file. But Dreamhost support was very responsive when I needed their advice.)

Check out one of my sites, maintained using Action Apps,

The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema

AA also has a demo site, try out the features,
username: demo1
password: demo1

For the maximum amount of information, and the CVS info to get the latest developers’ release, go to their SourceForge page,

Good luck!


I use a program called grey matter, link is It seems to work fine, it’s Perl based, though. And it doesn’t do anything with databases. It just created html files. And if you change something in the layout template, you just hit a button and it updates all the pages.

Todd Eddy

On the PHP side pMachine ( seems to be tempting some of Movable Type’s users in the blogtool sweepsakes. Haven’t used it – looks reasonable.