PHP as Apache module

Hi! I’m new in dreamhost, I’m developing a php script and I need the PHP executed as an Apache module, I’ve looked at your wiki in: and I’ve seen that I can change it manually, but I want to do the steps of your explanation and don’t find the checkbox which says “Run PHP as a CGI?”.
Can anyone help me?
I really need it as a module because my script could overload the cpu if it’s set as a cgi script, the fact is I want to reduce the cpu seconds and this is the only way to do it,



I believe all newly created domains are set to run as a CGI by default and the option to run PHP as an Apache module is no longer (as of very recently.)

If we’re all allowed to run processes as the Apache user, there’s no easy way to track problems such as resource hogs, for instance…

I think I read about this in an email update or something…


  • Alar

Alar is correct about DH having removed the option to run PHP as an apache module from the control panel, but there is one other thing you could try. From an older KB article:

[quote]How do I switch my PHP between running as a CGI and an Apache module?

Of course you’ve already read all about the differences in PHP-CGI and PHP as an Apache module, right? And you know that the default set up is as PHP-CGI, which is heavily preferred, right?

If you still want to change your PHP setup, here’s how! Add the following to your .htaccess file:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php

Note that this configuration is considered ‘unsupported’ by DreamHost and it may not always work in the future. [/quote]
I have no idea whether this will still work, but it might be worth a try?