PHP as Apache Module

I’m considering moving to Dreamhost, but I need PHP4 and PHP5 running as Apache modules. CGI isn’t an option.
Also, there are certain extensions I need (e.g. xslt, mbstring, gd, and openssl on PHP4, and iconv, xsl, openssl, and soap on PHP5). Am I out-of-luck if your Apache modules aren’t loading those extensions?



Is this a hard question?

PHP4 is available as an apache module, PHP5 is not.

You can see the standard phpinfo() for the different standard setups (PHP4 as Apache module, PHP4 as CGI, PHP5 as CGI) at

You can also see a phpinfo() for at custom compiled PHP with a few more options, but unfortunately you can only run your custom compiled PHP as a CGI.

Best of luck

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