Php and urls not parsing correctly! please help!


Transfered a domain to Dreamhost, but do to some server configuration differences it isn’t working. All I need to fix is:

Php should run item.php and pass Clown_Bop_Bag.html as a value.
Instead I get the ever so helpful:
"No input file specified."
Indicating that Apache cannot find the file “Clown_Bop_Bag.html” under the directory “index.php”…obviously not what I want to happen.

Please help!!! THANKS!!!


The script should be pulling that from the $_SERVER[“PATH_INFO”] variable.

I just tried it on a PHP 5 domain and it worked, but I don’t know if anything is different with PHP 4 – which is your domain set to? If it’s 4, you could give 5 a try.

Just edit the domain settings and it will be near the top, in the fully-hosted section of the page.

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apache never executes item.php instead looks for

The php code never even gets the oppertunity to grab the variable.

Make Sense?

I need to get apache to run item.php and pass “/whatever.html” as the querystring, not treat item.php as a directory.

Hope that is clear.



That’s what I mean… it’s going to look for the $_SERVER[“PATH_INFO”] variable, which is everything after item.php, but it isn’t getting it because it’s searching for whatever.html.

I think you’ll probably see that your domain is set to PHP 4, but will work if you switch it to PHP 5 in the control panel.

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and was previously hosted on php4, but you are correct, i switched to php5, and rewrote the php4 specific parts and it works. the original author used $this-> out of object context etc. best those parts were rewritten anyway.

thanks again for the help.