PHP And Uploads

Hi. I am considering using Dreamhost for a couple of sites, and I wanted to verify something with any actual customers who might know for sure.

I asked the sales department and got a response, but I asked for confirmation of that response and haven’t heard back yet (I don’t want to pay for hosting if what I was told wasn’t accurate).

For a site hosted by Dreamhost and created with PHP, is the maximum upload really 16 megabytes? That is much larger than any of the limits on any other company I know (usually it is 2 megabytes). I am talkign about the basic, $7.95 Level 1 plan…

Anybody know?

Default is 7~10MB
but you can set your own settings (16MB if you wish) with your own php version with dreamhost for phpinfo
To set your own file size upload (100M in this example) :

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I think the default limit is 7MB. But you can increase the max upload limit by installing a customized PHP in DH. You may want to refer to this article in wiki for more information.

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The “limit” is just the default configuration. Based on the information the others gave you , it is possible to modify the limit for your site.

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The PHP upload_max_filesize directive is set to 7Mbyte in the default DreamHost php.ini files. As others have pointed out, you can change this by following the instructions in the wiki and copying the default DreamHost PHP executable and ini file to your domain directory and configuring Apache to use this local install. The procedure is not too difficult, but you should have a good working knowledge of the shell before attempting it.

Another option would be to use a script written in a language other than PHP (such as Perl), which is not subject to the 7MB limit.


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Correct, I have been able to upload 100mb+ files via a PHP uploader by changing the php.ini manually so it is possible.

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