PHP and MediaWiki Wiki Question

Hello, I am a new member to DreamHost, and I was setting up a wiki site and realized I can’t do it. It shows me this here.

I am wondering if there is anyway to set php to 5 so I can run this? as of now the PHP is 4.4.2 or something as seen in this link here…

Anyway Thanks for the help if anyone responds.

When your account was set up, it sounds like you were set up for PHP4 for some reason. As far as I know, there is no way for us users to simply switch PHP versions on the fly pr in the control panel.

What you CAN do (and probably what you need to do) is create a new subdomain (like, as a personal example) in the panel, and make sure that when you configure that subdomain you select PHP5.

Assuming you have subdomains available, you can log on to the panel, select the “domain” tab, and click “Manage Domains”. At the bottom of that page, there’s a link to “Add new domain/sub-domain”. Create a new subdomain called “”, and make sure you select PHP5. You may also want to give it a unique directory.

Give it a shot…

Actually, it is very easy to change from having your domain use PHP4 to having it use PHP5, and there is a place on the Comtrol Panel for you to do that.

Just navigate to the Control Panel - Manage Domains, and look on the far right of the line listing yhou domain’s characteristics. Click the “edit” link you find there, select the appropriate radio button, and save…you will be “good to go” with the changed PHP version in a matter of minutes.

Thanks alot rlparker, that helped out alot man…