PHP and Java

Anyone here have any experience invoking Java class methods from PHP? Is it even possible with Dreamhost’s shared environments?

I’d basically like to compile all of my business rules into a single set of Java classes, to be used by command-line and GUI apps. They’re currently duplicated in Perl and PHP classes, violating the DRY principle. (Don’t Repeat Yourself).

Or maybe there’s another way? I’ve thought about using a specified URL hitting a SOAP server, but that would make all of my API functions available to the general public, which I don’t want. I also don’t like the idea of using PHP as a CGI - there are just some things PHP isn’t suited for IMHO.

All suggestions are appreciated!

–Brad Barkhouse
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I am having problems running my servlet classes on DH i am just uploading the folders as i am using them on my localhost but to no avail, i have changed the specification of the database location and the classes. can you help?