Php and GD

I am running a phpBB2 version 2.01 portal. I installed a picture album mod, which requires GD to generate the thumbnails. I’ve found that my two options are to compile my own version of php with GD or run all my php scripts as pcgi. I consider myself intelligent, but I have little experience with php.

On the run php as pcgi method: I added the line of code to the htaccess file, but it didn’t help. I used a png file to test, but no dice. Are there any other settings that I need to edit/change in order to try it this way?

On the build your own php with GD: I downloaded the source from…but it all looks foreign to me…lol

Maybe someone out there has done this and could share their wisdom with me.

Can someone give me a hand with this, or link me to the proper page that will walk me through it?