PHP and fastcgi


I have setup fastcgi with a custom php.ini in order to be able to use eaccelerator with a php-driven Symfony site here at Dreamhost. I followed the various instructions floating around the wiki and the web and got everything working nicely.

But now I find that mediawiki won’t run under fastcgi for reasons that I don’t think I want to try to fix. My mediawiki install runs in a subfolder of my main site. I’d like to keep my main site running under fastcgi and I don’t want to change the URL of my wiki.

I’ve tried adding an .htaccess file to the wiki subfolder that removes the fastcgi handler, but adding a handler back for normal php changes the PHP for that folder from php5 to php4. Here’s the .htaccess from the /wiki subfolder…

remove the current fastcgi handler for php

RemoveHandler .php

reassign the handler back to mod_php

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php

My guess is that I’m not invoking the correct handler.

Does anyone know how I might be able to set this back to php5?

Or is this just a bad idea and I should move mediawiki to a subdomain that doesn’t use fastcgi?