Php and email

I have just joined DreamHost and at home have been testing phpMailer on my computer. Would like to know about filling in the following as it pertains to DreamHost

$mail->Host = Would this be ?
$mail->Port = ?
$mail->Username =
$mail->Password =

do I need to setup an email account with DreamHost to get the Username and Password?


Host would be Port is 587. Username would be and password is whatever you set the password to for that email account. Yes you’ll need to setup the email account in your Dreamhost panel before your script will function.

Yes, you need to set up an email address on a domain hosted with DreamHost to send mail. Once you’ve done so, the hostname will be “” (where “” is your domain), and the username and password will be the email address you set up and its password.

Keep in mind that DreamHost is not a bulk email provider; you will be limited to approximately 100 messages sent per hour. If you need to send more mail than this, you’ll need to investigate a bulk mail provider such as SendGrid, MailChimp, or Amazon SES.