PHP Alternative to ProductCart BTO

Hey All,

I really hope the community/Dreamhost can help me out here. Currently I cannot find an alternative to Product Cart BTO. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but I cant run it on Dreamhost. There are hundreds of shopping carts out there, a number of which would suit my needs with one exception. I need the built to order function (just like Magento’s Bundled Product) as well as a dynamic price. I need the price to change when someone selects an option. For example …

Product 1

Option 1 +$10
Option 2 +$20
Option 3 +$30

When you select Option 2 for example Id like the other options to change accordingly. For example, when option 2 is picked the other should change as below.

Product 1

Option 1 -$10
Option 2 +$0
Option 3 +$10

Can anyone suggest an alternative to this? I’m open to anything that’ll run on DH.

To say I’ve had an excellent experience with DH is an understatement. Their technical support is second to none, as is their product. I would hate to find additional hosting just to support ASP on top of my DH account (One I’ve had since 2004).