PHP allow_url_fopen

I just recently moved to DreamHost, and I’m having a problem. You can probably figure it out from the above title: allow_url_fopen is off. This poses a great problem for not only me but also many many other students at my school. Last year I wrote a script that used file() on my shcool website to grab assignemtns from different teachers websites and put them on one page specific for every student that signed up. Now that I’ve moved, I can’t file(), and I’m having great difficulties. Does anybody know a way that I can redo my script to work again, or is my script useless now?


While I have not seen your code, I believe you should be able to modify your script to use the cURL library provided by Dreamhost to provide the same functionality, and be much more secure. CHeck out:

Good Luck

That seems to be something I can try out. Thanks!

Edit: Works wonderfully! Thanks!