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I am confused about something and hoped someone can help.

Assume I have these sql data bases set up:
name: name1
pass: pass1

name: name2
pass: pass2

If I go to with my web browser and log in as name1, I can see BOTH databases with phpadmin


If I go to with my web browser and log in as name2, I can see BOTH databases with phpadmin

What’s the point of having different credentials for each DB if I can see them all with any one log on?


when you go to the mysql section on your dh control panel, do both databases show both users? each user should only see the databases they have been given access to. multiple users can be given access to a particular database though.


No - each data base shows the one user


The & URIs point to the same location. It seems some crosstalk is going on.

The only suggestion I could think of off the top of my head is to click on each user link at and just double check which databases they have access to at the user level.

After that, you could try clicking the Modify Database button to the right of each affected DB, then Modify Now at the following page. Maybe that will update something, somewhere (like when performing a domain refresh).


Do you have access to both DBs when you log into mysql from the command line?