PHP 7.0 (formerly phpng)

PHP 7.0 will be released in October (subject to quality) - please can we have this made available?

This is just a head start as many of us know we have to suggest things several years in advanced to have it made available in a few years time.

Absolutely, once it’s released!

It’s released! Let’s go!

Any updates? I just asked Customer Support and they had no ideas about this.

Yes, the sooner PHP7 is available on DreamHost, the better.

Yep. Its finger out time.

PHP7 is out!

I also just asked support and they had no idea. PHP7 is twice faster, DH can save lots of money by making it available as it will scale much better and lots of modules have already being ported.
Pls release it asap

Even though I was eager for PHP 7 to be introduced, I’ve only just realised we will only see a marginal performance improvement for shared hosting accounts (probably the same performance as PHP 5.6 with opcache enabled).

DreamHost shared accounts run PHP under cgi/fastcgi which essentially spawns a new process for each new client request so each new visitor will actually see zero benefits of PHP 7. If under PHP 7 one user was to navigate to a second or third page on your site, that person may see performance improvements but multiple visitors at the same time are unlikely to see any performance improvements. DreamHost also regularly kills idle PHP processes. If no one visits your site after 20-30 minutes and then Google bots decides to crawl your site or someone decides to visit your site, it’ll still take extra time to spawn a new cgi/fastcgi process and then compile your PHP script which isn’t great for your TTFB (time to first byte).

All shared hosting providers work the same way so we can’t fault DreamHost for this. If you’re interested in PHP 7 performance improvements you can run php under mod_php on virtual or dedicated hosting, however, it’s far too expensive for a provider to allow mod_php on shared hosting because of how much memory it consumes.

Even if it’s not incredibly faster because of shared hosting, it will still come with some enhanced performance as well as the host of other feature updates that came along in PHP7. So it’s well, well worth it being an option.

I just noticed that my server has a /usr/local/php70 dated January 25th.

Other than via the panel, which only goes up to PHP 5.6, is there a way to manually specify PHP 7.0?

You can create a custom wrapper but ultimately it will run PHP 7 as a child process of a whichever PHP version you select for that domain in your DreamHost control panel.

Also, DreamHost need to chmod 751 / to be PCI compliant so people don’t go poking around ^^

Take another look tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Anxiously waiting…

And it’s here! Enjoy.

Ooh! New and Scary! How can I resist?

Can you please make sure you don’t modify everyone’s phprc file without notifying them first or if you have to do, just fire an email letting us know? In some cases you added when some user accounts already had it and in others, you broke sites because they do not support opcache.

(Message deleted) Nevermind…

I had to create my own phprc file for 7.0. I had to do the same thing for each of the versions of php5 I used.

I had to create all my phprc files too but on the 18th of January, the following line was added to the end of all phprc files on all of my user accounts:

; {{{ The following lines were automatically added by DreamHost
; }}} That's all from DreamHost

Every time the fastcgi process was launched, this would get added to the PHP log:

[19-Feb-2016 18:23:30 Europe/London] PHP Warning:  Module 'Zend OPcache' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
[19-Feb-2016 18:23:30 Europe/London] PHP Warning:  Zend OPcache: module registration failed! in Unknown on line 0

It doesn’t necessarily cause harm but we need to know the people managing the servers our websites are hosted on aren’t careless. The next oversight might bring down an entire server.