PHP 5 with IMAP and LDAP

I need to compile my own PHP5 to run with LDAP and IMAP extensions. I’ve compiled PHP, and I thought I downloaded and properly added the IMAP extensions, but alas, PHP still balks and says that IMAP isn’t functioning. So, I’m assuming that whatever I did failed.

Has anyone here done a full compile of PHP5 with support for LDAP, IMAP, and MySQL?

I hadn’t, but have you checked the PHP docs about installing IMAP, PHP3 and NNTP functions into PHP?

You know, it’s funny that I show as a new user. I should use these forums more often, since I’ve been with DH nearly 6 years now. :smiley:

I did check that site, actually. The real issue that I have is that I’m not really 100% on how the directory structuring works for our domains. I’m not sure where to put the files, since the instructions are really geared toward installation as a centralizes resource. How would I simulate the /usr/local/, for instance? And what ini or configuration files would I need to change to tell PHP where to find them? And beyond that, how would you compile and configure the c-client, and in what order?

As a test, I had installed the PHP first using the install script on the DH wiki, which worked fine. I’m technically savvy, but I’m so busy studying that I don’t really have time to go learn Linux right now, so compiling is still something that is pretty beyond me, in terms of command structure.

I’m doing the same thing.
I got as far as installing my own PHP but as for IMAP/c-client pfft.
I downloaded the c-client from the .edu site (forgot name), unzipped and put in my base dir /home/user/imap_install/
tried “make slx” (I should be using slx?) and get

[quote]Applying an process to sources…
tools/an “ln -s” src/c-client c-client
/bin/sh: tools/an: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied
make: *** [an] Error 126[/quote]
I guess I’m not allowed to run my own programs/script, ie run tools/an??

If this doesn’t work, can I just delete the PHP I made, or do I have to unistall it somehow?

Has anyone come across instructions for compiling PHP5 with IMAP? I’ve been following the instructions on the DH wiki, but reading the previous posts in this thread suggests that the IMAP isn’t included in script on the Dreamhost wiki.

Hoping someone has got some idea how to do this…

PLEASE PM me if you’ve got any ideas…!