Php 5 when?

Just curious about the time frame on availability of php5 at Dreamhost. Is it weeks? months? years? Just would like some indication. I realize this is somewhat sensitive but would appreciate a candid response from Dreamhost.

I voted for upgrading to php5 as one of my suggestions, but also noticed one of the voting options in the poll was not to implement php5 for a long, long time.

I see, too, that some enterprising users had figured out how to get a custom installation of php5 running. (jayeshsheth, pikkle, sleepyrobot, pointbeing) and have been good enough to post their experiences in the knowledgebase. (

Apparently, though, an issue has arisen with the current version of MySQL and php 5 cannot compile against Dreamhost’s MySQL client libraries, (see above thread) but there haven’t been any posts in over a month. Whether you can get a custom php5 installation working with MySQL is ambiguous based on what I have been able to find.
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