Php 5 versioning

I am getting different version info from different apps on the same server (sprockle) with the version running from 5.2.3 to 5.2.6. Also getting differing responses in whether extensions such as php-zip are enabled… ANyone have any ideas how that might be done??

You may have customised an environment to use 5.2.3 and the DH default is now 5.2.6 - result would be one domain reports a different version than another and custom extensions would be loaded in a customised environment but not a default one.

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LOL, yeah, I found out what happened just after posting, but once I had untangled it all forgot to post back… Had done the set-up for custom php that rsync’d the php5.cgi to a local php.cgi, but apparently had neglected to set the cron entry to run, so it never updated… Would have fired myself for less ;=}

The wrapper provides a better solution but I still need to get php compiled with --enable-zip, --enable-sockets and --with-xmlrpc