Php 5 End of Life

I guess this is more for staff than anyone else but I was wondering…
I am in the process of migrating a live site that uses features removed in PHP 7 (with good reason). I’m hosted under PHP 5 right now, but with that going EOL at the beginning of 2019, I wondered…

How long will we have before 5 is removed as an option and servers are automatically updated to 7? I know there’s always blasts forewarning but I want to get as ahead of this as I can.


Hi Megan,

Thanks for contacting us! Our “official” wiki says that we have PHP versions
PHP 7.2.7 — The latest version in the panel.
PHP 7.1.19 — Available in the panel.
PHP 7.0.30 — Available in the panel.
PHP 5.6.36 — Nearly End-of-Life and no longer recommended.

As far as the EOL for 5.6 we have not announced an official date on our end however we do go off of the time frame posted here

Matt C

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