Php 5.4

Who likes good news? Everyone? Then good news, everyone! PHP 5.4 should now be available to all customers through the panel.

Some configuration files are currently being copied out — with any luck, this should finish up for all shared hosts in the next hour or so, and by sometime later today for VPS and dedicated servers.

You’re a bloody legend! high five

Sweet, I have the option now. Will report here if anything bursts into flames.

Huzzah! Thanks guys!

Once again: What about adding XCache to PHP 5.4, and making it usable (with something better than default options for VPS and dedicated)?

Adding support for XCache (or possibly some other opcode cache) to PHP 5.3 and 5.4 is something we’re currently looking into.

XCache seems to be the best I’ve tried. Why is this taking so much time?

Good to know. I saw the option and switched mine to 5.4 (Fast CGI). Thanks guys.

Awesome! I honestly don’t need it per domain. I’d be happy if I could just have the whole server switched to PHP 5.4. I tried just changing my .php_launcher file to launch it, but that doesn’t work. So I hope to see it fixed so we can use it soon. Thanks!

I have had a few problems with PHP 5.4 for some reason, so I just stick to PHP 5.3 for more compatibility. If you experience any issues whatsoever, you MIGHT want to go back to 5.3.

v5.3 is in the panel as “Recommended”, and while v5.4 is in the panel as an option,. But hell, v5.5.1 was just released and the note at says:

[quote]PHP 5.3.27 Released - PHP 5.3 Reaching End of Life
Please Note: This will be the last regular release of the PHP 5.3 series. All users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.4 or PHP 5.5. The PHP 5.3 series will receive only security fixes for the next year.[/quote]

I understand we can’t be ahead of the curve, but does one of the largest ISP’s on the planet need to be so far behind? :slight_smile:

Sadly, we’re already ahead of the curve by simply having PHP 5.3 available. A depressing number of web hosts still only have PHP 5.2 available.

That being said, we definitely have PHP 5.5 on our radar. We will be offering it as soon as we’re ready.

I actually found this week, that while there’s no control panel option, it was very easy to activate PHP 5.4 on nginx. I took the time to document it in the wiki for those who need it:

Is 5.4 really going to be that much better? I see a lot of us practically begging for it. I have been under the school of thought that sometimes the newest version has the most issues.

The newest version is 5.5 and I am can’t wait for DH to support it.

At a minimum you should be on php 5.4 (or making sure all your apps work on 5.4), 5.3 is only getting security updates and will not be supported after July 2014 (by php group).