Php 5.4

As PHP 5.3 will be starting into the end of life cycle soon, would it be possible/likely to see PHP 5.4 showing up as an option soon?

I know that many other hosts still don’t support PHP 5.3, and I was quite happy to see that DreamHost did, but I would definitely like to see 5.4 features available.

Thanks for bringing this up here!

We’ve definitely seen a number of customers ask about this and it makes sense, we just have to make sure we’ve covered all of our bases before putting it into production. The matter is currently under discussion and I’ll update you as soon as we have anything settled (other than 'it’s a good idea and people will like it =).

Edit: nvm, I missed the option to choose 5.3 in my control panel.

Anyway for reference

Mediawiki’s latest version asks for 5.3.2 :

Phpbb3 is also going to require 5.3.3+ quite soon:

5.4 is a bit away for these products but personally I’d like to see 5.4 for development reasons.

Would also be nice to see a new php than 5.2 for nginx…

would love to see 5.4 as well. Have code written I have to re-write because of no 5.4 support.

Just keeping the pressure on :smiley:

If you check in the panel right now, you’ll see an option showing up for PHP 5.4, but it’s currently grayed out as “not available on this machine”.

We’ve got all the necessary support in place; we just need to actually get the new interpreter installed everywhere, which should happen over the next one to two weeks. Once it’s installed, those options will start becoming available.

Awesome! Thanks for rolling this out as quickly as you have.

Add WordPress to your list of apps that wanna drop 5.2 while you’re at it :slight_smile:

And what about Xcache?

Thanks for getting on this quickly.

Not seeing the greyed out information in Panel yet.

Could I jump the queue on the roll-out if I pretend that I’ll send cookies? :slight_smile:

I still see no grey’ed out option either.
This sounds suspicious !

I noticed it was absent right after andrew posted about it, but didn’t say anything =]

Whoops — my bad! The option appears grayed out if (like me) you have some users on machines which have PHP 5.4 available, but the currently selected user isn’t on them. Chances are that none of you are on those machines (mostly because the only one that exists is one of my test VPSes), so you aren’t seeing that part of the UI yet.

We’re in the process of rolling out the PHP 5.4 package. Once that’s done, we’ll flip the switch to mark it as “available” on your machines, and you can proceed to use it. :slight_smile:

What about Xcache support?

Xcache won’t be available initially, but you’ll be able to build and install it yourself like any other PHP extension.

I gather. So when do you plan to build it in as part of your PHP 5.4 setup?

Any chance those of us who use nginx will also get the newer version, or will we have to manually install 5.4/stay on 5.2?

The situation for PHP 5.4 for nginx will be no different initially than it was for PHP 5.3 — the interpreter will be installed, but will be a bit complicated to enable. We do plan to fix this in the near future.