PHP 5.3 Not Available?

Straight from the newsletter…

Click the ‘edit’ button in the ‘web hosting’ column for any of your fully-hosted domains, then select “PHP 5.3 (FastCGI)” from the “PHP Mode” dropdown. Submit the form and MERE MINUTES later you’ll have the latest and greatest.

However, what I click on the PHP Mode only 5.2 is available? I’m on mcgurn.

What am I missing?

You’re on one of a couple odd old machines that we don’t have PHP 5.3 available for. You can contact Support to request to be moved to a newer machine which has it available, if you’re interested.

Can you verify if siegel is another of the “odd old machines” ? I couldn’t find a suitable category for the question via the support system to raise the issue there. (When I first asked via the support system I ended up chatting with someone who said that the newsletter was wrong and PHP 5.3 wasn’t out to all the systems yet.)

Yep, siegel is in that group as well. Same advice goes for you.