PHP 5.3 and up for nginx request

I really wish dreamhost would start supporting PHP 5.3 and up for nginx… Especially for vBulletin 5.

I know there’s already a thread about it, but… It ‘hopefully’ might speed things up for dreamhost. PHP 5.2 is already quite old and I know PHP 5.3+ is compatible with nginx seeing I have another VPS working fully on it perfectly as you can see below:

^ on my own personal VPS with nginx. (not on dreamhost) No problems what so ever.

Dreamhost, please make php 5.3+ compatible and install-able with nginx… I feel like people are throwing away money now because the lack of this feature.

I don’t have a VPS here but what sort of issue did you have trying to install a different version? According to this thread it is possible to install 5.3 and instructions were posted in the wiki

I’m referring to the “managed” VPS by dreamhost through the control panel. As currently PHP 5.3 and up is not even an option there. The latest ‘supported’ version by dreamhost currently is PHP 5.2 (for nginx).

OK. Still, have you tried installing the version of PHP you want yourself? If it is that important to your projects wouldn’t it be less hassle for you to do it yourself instead of waiting on DH to get around to it? You have the capability.

capability, yes. But as far as I’m concerned, you can upgrade the PHP ‘per’ domain through the control panel of dreamhost. If I wish to upgrade the PHP manually… it’ll upgrade it for the entire VPS. I’m not the ‘owner’ of the VPS but rather an admin user. And I’d prefer to test things out per-domain, rather than break the entire VPS with my current set of access.

As such, I’d like to play safe.

While I agree that I’d love to see this in the control panel, it’s fairly easy to configure an Nginx-based VPS to use PHP 5.3 or 5.4 on a per-user basis. So if you want to test it on a particular domain, move that domain so it’s the only one for that user, and set the user to use a different PHP version per the instructions here:

Because of the way Nginx is configured, I’m not sure it’s possible to configure PHP PER DOMAIN, which is why DreamHost probably hasn’t made it a control panel item.