PHP 5.3/5.4 on Nginx

So now I have tons of warnings about running php 5.2 on domains running on my VPS runs Nginx and php 5.4. It seems warning people to fix
something that you can’t fix via the control panel with no way to disable the warning just causes confusing not to mention being “in error” in my case. What happens if I click the “upgrade” button anyway?

What I don’t understand is with how simple it is to switch php versions at
the server level, why you haven’t created an option in the server
configuration page to do that. It took me some time to figure it all out, but
I did and documented the changes here:

Essentially, with the nginx startup script if you changed 2 variables, you’d
have php 5.4. So why are you warning me that I’m running too old a version
without providing a newer version as an option?

Many thanks for providing this and updating the wiki. I tried following the previous config and even reached out to support, but due to the lack of – I cancelled my VPS. I’d like to try this again – maybe Dreamhost will extend me a free trial.

I’ve been complaining about this for years but they don’t seem to care. Why do they even offer nginx as an option if they are not going to keep things up to date, and I’m talking about them having years to move away from 5.2 yet they are still only offering 5.2. Now its so out of date a lot of stuff cant even run on 5.2.

I do wish there was better official support for it. My account still complains every time I log into the panel that most of my domains are still running in PHP 5.2 even though they are not. With as easy as they’ve made it to change, I’m surprised they haven’t made a way to do it in the control panel so it would be known to the control panel.

Also wish PHP 5.5 would come. Not holding my breath.