PHP 5.2 to 5.3 upgrade - wordpress / custom php.ini


Hello all!

I am running wordpress (ver 3.4.2) right now on php 5.2 here on dreamhost and want to upgrade to 5.3. I have read that some people had issues doing this switch, particularly with a custom php.ini file.

What issues will I / could I run into when upgrading to php 5.3 with wordpress and/or the custom php.ini file?

php.ini file - I needed to set the max_execution_time for longer.


The way PHP5.3 works at DreamHost has made php.ini customisation an absolute breeze.

Just add any custom directives you’d like to set in a phprc file:

mkdir -p ~/.php/5.3 touch ~/.php/5.3/phprc

You can create this via SFTP, too :wink:


Being a newbie to this, I had a friend show me how to do this. So the only thing I needed with the custom php.ini file was to have a longer max_execute_time longer than the default which is 30.

-Will I need to clear the old php.ini file before I upgrade?
-How do you access the phprc file?


You can edit the php.ini file, if you have one.

The phprc file is just a file, so if you do it with SSH, you can use VI. Or FTP, just open the file.