PhotoPost - Need it installed



Dreamhost has assured me thet PhotoPost script from will run well on its servers. I am considering purchasing the script, but am not comfortable installing it since I haven’t done much installation.

I can pay the folks at PhotoPost $59 to install it here, but I would like to get a ‘local’ here at DH to give me an installation price.

You can check out all of the info at

Thanks, David


I strongly suggest you try installing it yourself. It’ll be a beneficial learning experience, since you’ll then be able to handle tweaks and updates in the future. After all, if you totally jumble it up, you can erase it and try again.

Right now, I’m looking at the instructions:

Step 1: Done
Step 2:
Step 3: The download; Skip ImageMagik and just use GD; Directory structure will start with, and not “photopost” if it’s your main site
Step 4: Follow their instructions
Step 5: Skip, as it’s the vbulletin setup

If you run into trouble, post here.



OK… You have inspired me. Do I need an FTP deal to upload, or can I just upload to the directories that are already set up?



Just upload the file structure using ftp.

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