Photopost 5.3

Hi All,

Having a problem with Photopost 5.3, trying to fix it.

Anyone have any experience with the error where DH runs php as a cgi?

I tried re-installing the script and found ou that DH runs php as a cgi or something like that


Found some fixes for other types of software where the user had to hard-code some things but nothing specific to photopost.


Unfortunately, as Photopost is a commercial product, I can’t play around with it to give you specific help ( :frowning: ), but from looking at the installation instruction on Photopost’s website, it should run fine on DH.

Depending upon how the program is configured, you may need to replace some variable names to facilitate the PHP-CGI environment, but that is generally pretty easy to do - if you have the source code.

Since this is a commercial product that I assume you paid good money for, why don’t you just create a phpinfo() program and point Photopost’s tech support people to it, asking them for help?

Alternately, if you post your actual error messages here, some of us might be able to help; just saying you are trying to fix “a problem” doesn’t really give much of a clue as to what is happening. :wink: