Photo Viewer/Gallery?


I have photos that I would like to be made available via my Dreamhost website. Years ago Dreamhost had a list of 1-click installs to pick from, but sadly they don’t do that anymore.

Has anyone successfully used an app/plugin that allows a gallery of photos to be displayed on your website?


There are hundreds of scripts out there. All of them bad.

For DH, I’d probably suggest to simply use Wordpress (the only thing they support) so that you can pretend it’s an actual website and not just a file dump (which it is).

I use Wordpress, but am unaware of how to make multiple folders of photos available to people. Thanks.

I itook another look at wordpress apps etc. that I might use for the kind of gallery I’m thinking about. Lo and behold, I found something interesting. Hope it works.

If I’m not too late to the question here, I recently installed a Piwigo instance on my shared hosting. It’s been really great.

Piwigo is more geared to provide album sharing for photographers and is sort of like smugmug.

Installation was as easy as making a domain/subdomain, uploading the archive contents and loading the site. There are plugins and you can tweak config files if you’re that kind of nerdy.