Photo Process Error?


Ive uploaded a lot of photos to my Stock Photo site and finnaly when I want to process another photos Im getting something like THIS

It happens without any error message. Any idea?

After few hours I can upload another batch of files like charm. And then… guess what… again broken files.

Is there any time limit with uploading files or disk quota or else?

How big are these photos?

What ‘processer’ are you using? Just a normal WP upload?

I have the same issue with Symbiostock image processor. Sometimes it works just fine but for the most times I get the same broken images.

I suspect that DreamHost uses outdated version of ImageMagick binary. I installed latest ImageMagick binary and built a PHP module for it. (in my local path)

But DH php already using its own extension which uses old ImageMagick binary. Could somebody point me how to force PHP use my custom built module?

nbuida - Can you open a support ticket for that? We’re upgrading ImageMagick on many servers starting … yesterday I think.