Photo Management for Wordpress

I’m looking for a solution that allows users to download full-resolution images with a Gallery-like view. Basically, I’d like to show thumbnails of the images that allows a click-through to the full photo for download. Wordpress is preferred, but not required.

Issues:Photos are large - up to 25Mb…Wordpress Media says I can’t upload larger than 7MB, and it wants to resize once they’re uploaded. I want full-size, full-resolution.

Password-protected Posts - I’d like to limit access to the post that contains these images.

Not necessarily limited to photos - I’d like to upload any file type for download by users.

Anyone know of a good solution?

I’d have to experiment a bit, but I think that WordPress can handle this pretty well:

  1. 7 MB limit is due to PHP, but can be overcome: (can increase this limit)
  2. WordPress lets you do thumbnail galleries within a post, so adjust your Media settings for Large to accommodate your full-size images.
  3. Password protected posts are easy, but 1) Anybody can give away this password, and 2) Images uploaded to wp-uploads can be downloaded directly.
  4. Other media types work as well. I do this with PDF files. A post would have an embedded link to the uploaded media.