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HELP! I am trying to put my Photoshop Photo Gallery into my already made Dreamweaver page, it not working. I would use fireworks if I had it, I downloaded a free trial and it still is giving me an error. Can anyone tell me how I can do this? Thanks Melissa


Are you trying to host a photo gallery? If you are not familiar with programming, I’ll suggest you to install Gallery via DH panel --> Goodies --> One-Click Installs --> Gallery. The installation is fairly easy.

If you do not want to mess up with your site, you can create a subdomain and install Gallery in the subdomain. You can play it around. After you are familiar with the installation and admin settings, you can install it again in the right place.

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K how can I get this into my dreamweaver site that I have already build?


That will depend on how you’d like your gallery to function within your website.

The process described above would result in the Gallery becoming a standalone website in it’s own right, in which case you would link to it from your original website/homepage.

If you describe your site a little more or supplied a link to what you have online thus far someone here might be in a position to offer advice that would be more suitable for your website design plan. If your site ‘works’ locally on your machine at home then it may just be a folder heirarchy/link issue hindering it from functioning online.

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