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I’m looking for a good (in appearance, reliability and ease of use) photo gallery to use with my site. I have a thumbnail creator program that has done all right, but its been having problems and gets a little tedious. I’ve checked out Gallery, but I’m a little hesitant to install it, as my PHP skills are just about zero. Is there another program to use, or a good “newbie” guide to installing Gallery from start to finish?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!!


Feature-rich alternative:
Coppermine (PHP/MySQL) from

Simple alternative:
SelectaPix (PHP/MySQL) from

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I like 4Images :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys!

I think I’m about to dive into Will’s “tutorial” for Gallery, if only because it lays it out well specifically for Dreamhost, and is a well known program. (I’ll keep the other ideas in mind though, if I’ve pulled all my hair out!)

The question I have, Will, is what kind of, um, “danger” (?) is there to mess something up? I have confidence in my computer knowledge and ability to follow directions, but if something goes wrong, is there a “restore” feature, or a way to make sure that one wrong “Enter” doesn’t jack my site (and server space) up? Its probably just a little paranoia on my part, but I thought I’d check.

Thanks again!

Just for the record, it’s not my howto - I just linked to it. The howto was written by a customer.

Not too much danger in terms of messing things up - you can always just remove the gallery directory and start over if things don’t work. That said, please DO remember to sign up for gallery’s software update list, and make sure to keep it upgraded. Gallery has historically had a lot of security holes, and we frequently run into big problems when someone compromises a user’s gallery.

cool. Thanks again.

first question (and hopefully the last, of course!) Do I want the Linux executable even if I’m using Windows? I’m assuming it has more to do with the server than my personal machine, but choosing Windows seems like the obvious choice to me. shrug

Once again, BIG thanks for your help!

Yeah, I’m lost. I tried the jhead for windows, and its on my desktop, but trying to open it, it flashes open and then closes. If I can’t get this far, am I in over my head? sigh

Windows or linux: It doesn’t matter what you’re using on your pc because you are going to install the gallery on the server, and the server runs linux. So you should always choose linux archives for your downloads.

FTP the archives to your site, and extract them there (by following the instructions–I’m just a linux newbie too).

Or download the linux version in ZIP format, unZIP the files on your local pc, and then upload the unzipped files and folders to the site.

I also had some challenges getting Gallery installed but it really didn’t take that long in after all and I’m quite happy with it. Now I need to upgrade it to stay secure so I guess I too need to go through the moves once more.


Okay, I think I’m getting it. Though when I download the linux file to my local machine, it’s a .txt file. Do I just FTP that to my server? Or am I looking for something else? And where do I put it exactly when I do FTP it?

And why does learning have to be so frustrating!??!?! laugh

If you’re talking about jhead, that may have downloaded as a .txt (it did when I did my Gallery install lo so many months ago). As far as where to FTP it, per Robert’s excellent directions:

FTP in binary mode the jhead binary for Linux to /home/username/bin directory. Create the bin dir if it doesn’t already exist. The actual location isn’t that important. Just make sure you enter it correctly later when running the Gallery configuration wizard. If you uploaded jhead from Windows, make sure your FTP client didn’t add a .txt extension. If it did, remove the .txt extension. Also, make sure you transferred it in binary mode (in the bin dir, run “file jhead”).

If you’re talking about the gallery download, that should be a zip file, not .txt.

okay, its slowly coming around to me here. (thanks all AGAIN for your help and patience, the only way I know how to repay you all is with GMail. I have 3 invites and you’ve been the best bets to pass them along to, if you’re interested.)

But sappy stuff aside, do I just create a folder in the top directory titled “home”, with a folder in there “tonyg” (or something to that effect), and a “bin” folder in there? And then put the jhead and gallery zip in there (binary ftp, of course!)?

I think I’ve got everything uploaded, but I’m getting a “No such file or directory” in PuTTY when I’m trying the first command (cd bin). I’m inching closer!!!

If you’re logged in via ssh, you can also just use “wget” to snarf the file, which will usually be the fastest and easiest way to do it.

right now, I have a folder “tgaver” inside the second line down (the with no www), and a folder “bin” inside the “tgaver” folder. Is that right, or should one or all be somewhere else?

Even though I have jhead in that “bin” folder, I went ahead and tried ‘snarfing’ it laugh from the site, and it worked, just put it in my main folder with the gallery zip. Might I be onto something here?

Wellll… I have semi-success!

It comes up, everything seemed to work okay, but I have alot of warnings on my main page (not good, and I can’t find the “PHPSESSID” cookie they mentioned deleting if there’s problems).

Oh, and my admin login won’t work. its just ID: admin, PW: *****, right? Maybe its just trying to work its way through.

problem solved, my gallery is for the most part up and running!

Thanks again to all who helped or gave suggestions, especially Will for the tutorial link! More proof that Dreamhost and its people rock as web hosts!

Sorry I’m late to the conversation. I hope my Gallery install instructions did prove useful in the end. If you found any part of it particularly confusing, please let me know. I definitely want to keep the instructions clear and accurate.

And I second Will with respect to keeping your Gallery install up to date. While I like Gallery a lot, the people who develop it do end up posting quite a few security patches. We all owe it to the other people on our shared servers to keep all the progams we install up to date on security patches.


Thanks Robert!
The only thing that was really confusing was my own lack of familiarity with what was going on. Once I figured out where I was putting everything on the server, it actually went by pretty quick.

I played around with it for a couple hours after install, and haven’t come across any problems that I can tell, so it must have gone in all right. Your tutorial was a HUGE help!

And thanks for writing them… I’ve found them useful when doing my own Gallery setup, and I know a lot of customers have found them useful. We love it when our customers do our work for us. :> As soon as we get some better DreamHost swag, I’ll try to make sure you get some…

(an aside - anyone have a workaround to the problems caused from magic quotes being on in our PHP config?)

And to the people who have to clean up the mess. :>

I know it’s easy to be lazy about stuff like this - I’m certainly guilty of that at times. But especially when PHP is running as a CGI, cross site scripting holes can let attackers do some pretty major damage. We’re working on ways to minimize this, but please, please, pretty please, with lumps of sugar on top… keep your software up to date. If a vendor has a list for security updates / general software updates for any third party software you use, please subscribe to it.

[quote]As soon as we get some better DreamHost swag, I’ll try to make sure you get some…


Cool, thanks! I never got around to trying to score a DH license plate frame, though it would have looked good on the TT. I thought I was busy back then. Now that I am working at a start up, I’m really busy. Even more so because I try to watch most of the two daily Euro 2004 matches after I get home each night. That’s why you generally see me posting at around midnight Pacific time. Sadly enough, that seems to include Friday nights, too.

Wish I could help out with the magic quotes issue, but I really don’t know that much about PHP.