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Does anyone know any galleries that install on Dreamhost without making me go insane? Gallery, it appears, just does NOt like the server my domain resides on (I found out from tech support that even my imagemagick is not in a normal spot??!) and I really hope there’s a slightly easier one out there. I want one my users can submit their photos to. Does anyone know of any? Thanks.

Try Coppermine:

I’m currently writing my own scripts in Perl that will use ImageMagick and MySQL databases but I am just starting on it from scratch so don’t have anything useful yet. I’ll try to make it something another DreamHost user could install. I haven’t released my own software before so I can’t guarantee it would be any easier than Gallery.

I got coppermine working, but found another better alternative…I have PHPBB2, so I found a photo album add on for it.

I just installed Gallery again, but this time on someone else’s site at DreamHost. This gave me a chance to clean up my instructions for installing Gallery on a DreamHost shared server. Using these instructions, I completed the entire installation successfully in less than fifteen minutes.

Two caveats:

  1. Although this was someone else’s site, it was also on the dali server, like my site.
  2. I haven’t verified that jhead is working, as I don’t have a digital camera, yet. My online photos are from scans of prints.


So I’ve had GALLERY installed since November… all works great up 'til this month. Now, you can’t upload or FTP new images.

I figure, hell, I’ll install COPPERMINE… I like the interface better. I install it… and it works… BUT… I can’t get images to display or show. Now, I only installed the CM software. Did you guys do anything for GD or ImageMagick?

I’m lost…


I just uploaded a couple photos to a Gallery album I created tonight. Everything worked fine.

I don’t mean to sound like a Gallery apologist, as it is definitely a quirky program, but it’s working okay for me. However, my needs with respect to a photo gallery are pretty trivial.

Coppermine, which had been working fine for me a month ago, just now failed when I tried to upload a new pic. The upload fails because it can’t make intermediate or thumbnail images, which suggests to me there’s a sudden-onset problem with either permissions or path to ImageMagick (currently set to /usr/bin/X11/ – I’m at work and can’t shh or telnet in to see if ‘convert’ has moved).

[edit] Indeed it has…path is now /usr/bin/ and all is well.

Did you install Imagemagick?

I’m not sure I follow you.


Sorry. No, all you have to do really (as near as I can tell) is tell Coppermine where to find a command called ‘convert’. Coppermine somewhat confusingly calls that the ‘path to ImageMagick’. I suspect convert is a command that is or was part of ImageMagick, but I didn’t have to install IM myself. All I did was type

whereis convert

and then put one of the resulting paths into the ‘path to ImageMagick’ box in the Coppermine config utility. Back in business :slight_smile:

Coppermine seems only to need the convert command to make the thumbnail and intermediate images from your source image.

I recently installed Coppermine after having problems installing Gallery due to Internal Server Errors. I thought I would recap some of what I learned as a novice in hopes of helping someone else.

Download Coppermine.

ftp the folder to your directory root i.e.

In a text editor such as Notepad type the following:

AddType php-cgi .php

Then save the file as: .htaccess

Make sure you click on the ‘any type’ in the save as file type box when saving or it will default to saving it as a text file.

Upload this file into the Coppermine folder (you can rename this if you choose)

Go to your web browser and go to: http:yoursite/Coppermine/install.php

Type in an Administrative Username and Password and your Mysql Information.
If all goes well the setup will occur automatically.

If it asks for the location of ImageMagick you can try: /usr/bin/

If that does not work use Telnet or other program and type: whereis convert
This will provide one or two paths to the convert command for ImagMagick on your server. Use the provided path absent the ‘convert’.

In other words when I type: whereis convert
I get: usr/bin/convert AND usr/share/man/man1/convert.1.gz
Use one of these paths without the convert as Coppermine will add the command.
For example: usr/bin/

Once installed don’t forget to delete the install.php file else someone could use it!

I hope that helps.


hello all,

i just got a dreamhost account and I am having some trouble in configuring gallery 1.3.1 with NetPBM. Although I have unziped, ftped, and chmod 755ed NetPBM I still get this error in the configuration screen:

Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong directory

I read the wombat nation gallery configuration post and noticed that there was the following in the gallery configuration:

“Graphics suite to use? - Change from NetPBM to ImageMagick”

I can’t see that option in the 1.3.1 installation process, which I am guessing is an option only available in 1.3.3. which I’ve had trouble installing; thus my reason for installing 1.3.1 which has worked for me on another server.

Anyone had a similar experience or can anyone explain how I can understand the dreamhost open_basedir configuration to solve my problem? Is it not an option to use NetPBM?


There is a page in the knowledgebase on open_basedir restrictions. There are a couple user posts on that page that I found helpful when installing Gallery.

I remember running into this same problem and I’m pretty sure that I was able to get past it by adding the
AddType php-cgi .php
line to the .htaccess file in the gallery directory. I had to add it before saving my config, and then I had to add it again immediately after saving the config because the Gallery save script wiped it out.

Thanks atacama for your post regarding the AddType php-cgi .php line in the .htaccess file. I got gallery 1.3.3 up and running (finally). Your notes were indispensible. Thank you so much for writing them.


Hi there!

I have tons of photos and have used (and tried a zillion other photo sites) over the years. Mostly, I haven’t wanted to suck up the server space with all my photos - but I love the idea of having my photos in my own site’s look & feel!

And recently I found a site that will host my images & I can integrate the albums into my site!

Once you pay the $30/yr fee (after 2 week free trial), they have this cobranding feature so that it looks like the photo albums are in your site!

Check it out:

I also made a subdomain to point to it -

Pretty sweet huh? Let me know if you have any questions about it.

:slight_smile: ~ Willo

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thank yoU!