Photo Galleries & Security



I want/need to integrate photo slide shows into my Joomla site.

I’ve looked around, but haven’t found anything that (in their marketing info), address security issues.

What I need is that all the photo slide shows be available to Registered users -only. I’ve had issues recently where Joomla add-ons didn’t maintain Joomla’s security model & even though I “locked down” the components – if someone had a URL for a content-detail page – my content was flapping in the breeze…

I don’t mind paying some €/$.
I don’t need hyper fancy side shows.
I’m running Joomla 1.0.13.



I’d be inclined to setup your “members only” gallery alongside joomla! and use the membership session data from the J! database to verify membership to the gallery folder/site. Integrated, but only so far as user verification is concerned, thus leaving your core files intact and not inadvertently opening up holes in your current installation.


a newbie’s question: how do I “use the membership session data from the J! database to verify membership to the gallery folder/site”?

I’m a recovering PC/desktop addict & am using this project to get more web-savvy. I don’t mind doing the work, just need a wee bit of extra help along the way.



Gallery (by Menalto), also a one-click app looks to support Joomla integration. Gallery supports restricted access.



sxi’s approach is a great one, and Scott is correct about there being a Joomla! bridge available for gallery, but a full gallery may be “overkill” for what you are trying to do.

While I agree that some poorly programmed add-on components can expose your content to unregistered users, the Joomla! “core” has that well sorted, so you can rely on the security of Joomla! articles created with the core content component.

That said, there are several excellent extensions that allow you to easily, embed galleries in content items, which you can then assign to only be viewable by registered/logged-in users.

You might investigate some of these before you jump “full-on” into integrating a full blown Gallery2 integration; they may very well meet your needs and are a lot more lightweight. :wink: