Photo Album

I am currently looking for a PHP photo album for my website, so that my users can upload photos to one central album. I tried one called ‘MyPhotos’ but it does not work because of basedir restrictions (well, thats what I could gather from reading posts about it) that dreamhost might have?

Does anyone know of any photo albums that will work with dreamhost? (PHP type ones, not web ones like - I want something I can integrate into my website)…

Check out Gallery.

Before you try to install it, read through the other threads in this forum about Gallery, specifically, this one. I have a post in that thread that links to a document I wrote on installing Gallery on a DreamHost server. It might be of assistance to you.

That would be great, but it appears that gallery is only designed for linux?

Our servers are Linux, so what’s the problem? :>

But…I thought you could only extract tar.gz files in linux? blinks

You can extract them on the server!

ssh in and use tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz


and Winwip and serveral others /will/ unzip them in windows as well – they just can’t create them.

Josh and Crys are, of course, right, but that won’t stop me from being my usual overly verbose self. If you are comfortable with using a command line shell, e.g., bash, then connect to your server via telnet or ssh. From there, you can even use ftp from the command line to open a connection and directly copy the tar.gz file to your server, assuming the other server allows ftp connections.

If you want to use a GUI for most of the work, though, you can always use a web browser to download the file to your local hard drive and open it in a utility like WinZip. Winzip, at least recent versions, understands the tar and gzip formats. I often go this route, because I find it easier to quickly examine the contents of the archive and browse through the documentation before uploading it to my site.

Of course, since you need to get the tar.gz file up to the Linux server anyway, you then need to turn around and use an FTP tool like WS-FTP or one of the tools for Mac OS X to upload the file. It will likely be quicker to upload the whole file and then unpack it on the server with the command Josh listed above.

If you want to install Gallery, you really should get familiar with ssh. It’s hard enough to install Gallery as it is. It would be even worse using just FTP.

I wrote up some notes while I was installing Gallery on my site. Since I ran into some problems that took a couple iterations to solve, I can’t guarantee these notes are an exact step-by-step road to success. I haven’t had time to do another complete fresh install to verify them, so please take them with a grain of salt.