Phone support

I thought that Dreamhost host hasd a phone support line for $9. something a month. How can I find out if I’ve signed up for it, and if I haven’t, how can
I sign up for it?

If you have callbacks set up on your account, they’ll show up in the panel at (as “Your account provides … 3 Callbacks per month.”

If you don’t have callbacks set up (if you signed up recently, you don’t unless you added them), you’ll be given the option to add them when you make a support request through the panel.

Andrew, since you stuck your nose in here, I’ll attempt to smack it. I’ve seen many reports here on the forum where someone opted for a callback, and didn’t get one in the time expected, if ever. What’s the deal?


I’ve never required phone support so can’t speak from personal experience, but like Scott says there have been reports of users not receiving a requested callback when they’ve found themselves in a real bind. I’d probably request one only when necessary rather than paying for “x callbacks per month” or whatever the options are these days.

Could be DH need to up the price a tad and in return supply a guarantee of some sort with faster call-back times (eg. $20 callback fee with a guaranteed 1hr response time). Robert said he works 24/7, so just hand him the red phone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ow! :frowning:

Well, without specifics I can’t say for sure, but probably the biggest issue is that some of our support staff are scared of taking callbacks, because callbacks take longer to handle and often involve complex issues. We try to remind them that callbacks are important, but sometimes they forget!

(Callbacks for angry customers are particularly unattractive, for obvious reasons. Very few of our support staff enjoy having their ears shouted off.)

You’re right that it’s an area for improvement, though. We’re working on it.