Phone number

where is the number for support please?

unless you’ve got a dedicated server plan, the only way to contact support is via E-mail (through the web panel)


Search these forums for “phone number” please.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

well that sux then

thanks matttail

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of course they do - why did I listen to these 2 clowns - get your facts right before you offer help in a forum

so if the plans offer calls - where is the number???

oh i see how it werks - now the panel says I have 1/3 calls

thats funny I have NEVER spoken to anyone on the phone and thanks I put my ticket in 10hours ago to be called the phone has been sittign here the whole time


does this 3 calls just represent the number of times they will pick up the phone or do they actually call you?

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There’s a difference between call backs and a phone number. You asked if there was a number to contact support. You can only contact support via E-mail. You can ask that they call you back with the solution.

I heavn’t ever used my call backs, but I suspect that the count is changed when you submit the ticket with the call back request. So the panel is showing you that the support ticket has been submitted, and they will call you back within 24 hours. That’s what DH says, that’s what DH sticks to. Give them 24 hours to contact you, and then you can start complaining.

The other thing you might want to consider is that DH may well allready be working hard on your problem. And I think most people would rather that DH work on fixing the problem than sitting down to call you and tell you they’re working on it, but heavn’t fixed it yet. I bet you wouldn’t be very happy with that response.

And please play nice. It’s not polite to call people clowns. We’re all just DH customers here (execpt for the moderators) and are just trying to help one an other out. It’s a give and take system. Please take this into consideration when you post on the ‘happy DH clown forum’ :slight_smile:


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