Phone number for DreamHost Support?

hi ~

does anyone know a phone number or numbers where it’s possible to reach DreamHost Support?

I may not be looking in the right place(s), as I can’t find any numbers!

thanks, Ad

I don’t think they have a general support phone number, although their upper plans do include a certain number of support callbacks per month.

I think they prefer providing support via the support section of the admin panel or, if you do not yet have an account, via the support form linked below;


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Thanks, Mark.

I do have an account - one which entitles me to three call-backs a month. But, now I am desperate to get in touch with DH Support, I cannot find anywhere to request the call-back!

So, I thought maybe I could phone them…

I have filled out the forms for Support online, and, hopefully I will hear back very soon. As, the serious problems with my website(s) couldn’t be happening at a worse time for my business.

It’s very frustrating not having a contact number. I never realized it wasn’t possible to phone Support - as I never wanted to before now.

thanks again, Ad

If they didn’t provide you with a phone number when you signed-up, I guess the procedure is what you have done, lodge a support request requesting a callback.

Thankfully, the support queue seems to be under control now, it had blown out to 900+ outstanding requests during the recent hardware problems. I sent a simple query through the panel today and had an answer back within an hour or so.

I know the feeling, things always seem to go bad just when you can’t afford them to.

Hopefully, the problems you are experiencing are simply the residue from the recent hardware failures and the DreamHost guys can get things fixed up pronto.


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Thanks again, and I do hope you’re right.

I’m not a tech type, and so, I can’t even fathom what’s happened to our website(s). And, I sent in my Support requests some 4+ hours ago, so, a response should be due any time now.

We’ve been on DH for over four years now, and, this is a brand new problem. Instead of getting our website, when one types in our home URL, a page appears that looks like this:

Index of /
Name Last modified Size Description

Parent Directory 26-Jul-2006 21:59 -
1000Oceans.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:14 5.4M
40-years.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:00 42k
40yearscover.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:00 22k
6songsnew.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:01 2.2M
ACpensive.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:33 47k
ANewSongsforPeace.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:01 6k
AimeeLeonard.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:33 47k
AliveandBreathing.htm 26-Jul-2006 22:01 56k
Alley04home.JPG 26-Jul-2006 22:01 7k
Alley3colour.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:01 104k
AlleySlicker.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:33 25k
AlleyTidings.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:01 873k
AlleyVI18.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:01 227k
Alleysecrets.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:01 662k
Allison Crowe - Tidi…> 26-Jul-2006 22:01 2.9M
AllisonCrowe.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:01 2k
AllisonCrowe0059.JPG 26-Jul-2006 22:01 8k
AllisonCrowe180-33-N…> 26-Jul-2006 22:00 15k
AllisonCrowe191-35-N…> 26-Jul-2006 22:01 43k
AllisonCroweCoUKBann…> 26-Jul-2006 22:01 76k
AllisonCroweHalleluj…> 26-Jul-2006 22:33 6k
AllisonCroweHalleluj…> 26-Jul-2006 22:01 4.5M
AllisonCroweHalleluj…> 26-Jul-2006 22:02 17.5M
AllisonCroweHalleluj…> 26-Jul-2006 22:02 245k
AllisonCroweLiveinNY…> 26-Jul-2006 22:33 30k
AllisoninNYCbyAdrien…> 26-Jul-2006 22:02 9k
Amazonlogo.gif 26-Jul-2006 22:02 1k
BelieveMeIfAll112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:02 1.2M
BelieveMeIfAll256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:03 2.7M
BelieveMeifAll128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:03 1.4M
BillieWoodsAlleyprof…> 26-Jul-2006 22:03 682k
BothHands.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:03 5.3M
CDWoWlogo.gif 26-Jul-2006 22:03 5k
CollectedSoundsTop20…> 26-Jul-2006 22:03 8k
CollectedSoundsbanne…> 26-Jul-2006 22:03 5k
CrayonAndInk128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:03 4.3M
CrayonandInk112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:04 3.7M
CrayonandInk256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:04 8.6M
DSCF0001(2)(1).jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:04 122k
DarkBlue112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:04 3.1M
DarkBlue128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:04 3.6M
DarkBlue256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:05 7.1M
FadeAway112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:05 3.4M
FadeAway128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:05 3.9M
FadeAway256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:06 7.7M
Front-of-Card.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:06 391k
Hallelujah.JPG 26-Jul-2006 22:06 6k
Hallelujah128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:06 4.2M
HowLong.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:07 7.4M
HowLong112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:07 3.2M
HowLong128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:07 3.7M
HowLong256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:07 7.4M
IMG_8688.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:07 47k
IMG_8738a.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:07 41k
IMG_8815.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:07 104k
IMG_8815bw.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:07 112k
IMG_8861.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:07 176k
IMG_8865.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:07 144k
IMG_8871.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:07 141k
Imagine.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:08 5.8M
ImagineJohnLennonpia…> 26-Jul-2006 22:08 22k
Immersed.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:08 7.9M
Immersed112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:08 3.5M
Immersed128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:08 3.9M
Immersed256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:09 7.9M
InMyLife112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:09 2.4M
InMyLife128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:09 2.8M
InMyLife256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:09 5.5M
InTheBleakMidwinter1…> 26-Jul-2006 22:10 3.7M
ItCameUponaMidnightC…> 26-Jul-2006 22:10 556k
ItCameUponaMidnightC…> 26-Jul-2006 22:10 651k
ItCameUponaMidnightC…> 26-Jul-2006 22:10 1.2M
Jada.html 26-Jul-2006 22:10 9k
JoanOfArc128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:10 4.5M
JoanOfArc256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:11 9.0M
JoanofArc112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:11 3.9M
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 33k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 38k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 46k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 40k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 39k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 58k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 46k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 47k
LX-2004-04-15-000-00…> 26-Jul-2006 22:11 35k
LetItBe128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:11 2.9M
Lisa’sSong112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:12 3.5M
Lisa’sSong256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:12 7.9M
LisaCHVictoriaStory.htm 26-Jul-2006 22:12 6k
LisasSong128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:12 4.0M
LisasSongLyricsSheet…> 26-Jul-2006 22:12 4k
Magic.wma 26-Jul-2006 22:13 4.8M
MarshaSamTYAAM.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:13 48k
Midnight(secrets)128…> 26-Jul-2006 22:13 3.6M
Midnight(version2002…> 26-Jul-2006 22:13 2.9M
Midnight-Piano Only.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:13 3.6M
Midnight04.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:13 7.3M
Midnight112(secrets)…> 26-Jul-2006 22:14 3.2M
Midnight112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:14 2.6M
Midnight128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:14 3.0M
Midnight256(secrets)…> 26-Jul-2006 22:14 7.3M
Midnight256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:14 6.0M
Midnight6songsnew.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:14 2.2M
MissingPosterforLisa…> 26-Jul-2006 22:14 4k
Montreal112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:14 3.6M
Montreal128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:14 4.1M
Montreal256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:15 8.2M
NDailyNewsLisasSong.htm 26-Jul-2006 22:15 4k
NNBHomeAgain04.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:15 41k
OHolyNight.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:15 3.9M
OHolyNight128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:15 3.9M
OtherProfile.JPG 26-Jul-2006 22:15 925k
OtherProfilecopy.JPG 26-Jul-2006 22:15 171k
PHILOSOPHY.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:15 2.8M
Philosophy(secrets)1…> 26-Jul-2006 22:14 5.0M
Philosophy112(secret…> 26-Jul-2006 22:17 4.4M
Philosophy112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:17 3.3M
Philosophy128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:17 3.8M
Philosophy256(secret…> 26-Jul-2006 22:17 10.0M
Philosophy256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:18 7.6M
PrayforRain.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:18 6.4M
RIBAlley.wma 26-Jul-2006 22:18 3.4M
RSFCOlogo.gif 26-Jul-2006 22:18 2k
RainingInBaltimore.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:18 8.9M
RainingInBaltimore11…> 26-Jul-2006 22:18 3.8M
RainingInBaltimore12…> 26-Jul-2006 22:18 4.4M
RainingInBaltimore25…> 26-Jul-2006 22:19 8.7M
River.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:19 3.8M
RiverAllisonCroweTid…> 26-Jul-2006 22:19 2.9M
RollingStonelogo.gif 26-Jul-2006 22:19 4k
Rubenesquelogobw.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:19 47k
Scared112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:19 3.6M
Scared128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:19 4.1M
Scared256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:19 8.3M
SeaOfAMillionFaces12…> 26-Jul-2006 22:19 2.9M
SeaOfAMillionFaces25…> 26-Jul-2006 22:19 5.9M
SeaofaMillionFaces11…> 26-Jul-2006 22:19 2.6M
Secrets001.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:19 396k
Secrets01.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:19 396k
Secrets01152.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:19 84k
Secrets112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:20 5.0M
Secrets128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:20 5.8M
Secrets256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:20 11.5M
SecretsEntireAlbum.rm 26-Jul-2006 22:21 26.9M
SecretsEntireAlbum.wma 26-Jul-2006 22:22 36.7M
ShineaLight.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:22 3.5M
ShineaLight128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:23 3.5M
SilentNight128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:23 3.7M
TheFirstNoel112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:23 4.4M
TheFirstNoel128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:23 5.1M
TheFirstNoel256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:24 10.2M
ThrowYourArmsAroundM…> 26-Jul-2006 22:24 4.3M
Tidings.htm 26-Jul-2006 22:24 1k
Tidings2004.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:24 25k
TidingsCover.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:24 39k
WHAT_CHILD_IS_THIS.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:24 1k
WHAT_CHILD_IS_THIS1.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:25 6.9M
WIWNewSongsforPeace.jpg 26-Jul-2006 22:25 9k
WhatAboutYou.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:26 9.0M
WhatAboutYou112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:26 3.9M
WhatAboutYou128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:26 4.5M
WhatAboutYou256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:27 9.0M
WhatChildIsThis128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:27 3.7M
WhatChildisThis112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:27 3.2M
WhatChildisThis256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:28 7.4M
Whether I’m Wrong.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:28 3.7M
WhetherI’mWrong0128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:28 4.6M
WhetherI’mWrong112.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:29 3.8M
WhetherI’mWrong128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:29 6.2M
WhetherI’mWrong256.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:30 8.7M
WhetherImWrong0128.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:30 4.6M
WhoKnowsWhereTheTime…> 26-Jul-2006 22:31 4.7M
WhoKnowsWheretheTime…> 26-Jul-2006 22:32 4.7M
_private/ 26-Jul-2006 21:59 -
aj1.mp3 26-Jul-2006 22:33 3.0M
album.htm 26-Jul-2006 22:33 23k 26-Jul-2006 21:59 -
guestbook/ 26-Jul-2006 21:59 -
images/ 26-Jul-2006 22:00 -
lisa/ 26-Jul-2006 22:00 -
music/ 26-Jul-2006 22:17 -
news/ 26-Jul-2006 22:31 -
photos/ 26-Jul-2006 22:33 -
postinfo.html 26-Jul-2006 22:56 2k
press/ 26-Jul-2006 22:33 -

It may be unrelated, but this problem started at the same time as the “bob” issues that are referred to in one message somewhere on the Support System-Wide page. And, we’re on “bob”

here’s hoping things can get fixed asap!

a phone number would be nice - but, what can you do but wait for email…

cheers, Ad

Directory listings such as the one you posted are generally shown when there is no index. file in that directory.

Given that the server you were on (‘Bob’) was moved to new hardware, it sounds like your site didn’t make it to the new hardware intact.

Hopefully, it can be rebuilt from a backup if thats required.


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sounds, then, like the index file has been lost or whatever (destroyed? misplaced?) during the transfer - if that makes any sense

the files listed there are but a small fraction of what was on our main site, and I wondered why they all show a date/time of July 26 evening

where is the back-up? does DreamHost keep a backup?


cheers, Ad

Yes, there is an automated hourly/daily/weekly backup stored in the hidden .snapshot directory, as detailed in the wiki article below;

However, I think your best option at the moment is to sit tight (difficult I know) and wait to hear what the DreamHost techs have to say.


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thanks again

reading that page about backups, I don’t understand what it’s saying about FrontPage

all our sites are FrontPage-enabled, as that’s what we use to edit etc.

does this mean there are no back-ups? or?

cheers, Ad

Looking at this quote from the wiki article, it would appear so;

[color=#0000CC]“DreamHost makes backups of your site that has FrontPage Server Extensions installed, but you can’t access them. When FrontPage Server Extensisons are enabled, the .snapshot backup directory is no longer updated.”[/color]

It looks like it’s your responsibility to keep regular backups if using Frontpage extensions.

Perhaps DreamHost can rebuild your site from those backups they make that you can’t access, otherwise I see no point in them making those backups in the first place.


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right, that would seem logical!

a backup should be a backup - particularly for emergencies such as this

it does appear that the “bob” transfer has brought about the loss of our site/files, so, fingers crossed DH can fix things

it’s been over six hours that I’ve been waiting for a reply from Support, and, about four hours since I should have gone to sleep…

thank you kindly for your guidance and help

cheers, Ad

No problem, I am just sorry I can’t be of more help.

It’s coming up to 7AM California time, so it shouldn’t be too long until you get some contact from DreamHost.

Good luck.


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you’ve been a big help - I know have a good idea of the issues, and the severity of things

is 7 a.m. when the DH Support staff starts working?

if so, I shall stay up - I’ve already lost a night’s sleep, no point missing out on things now!

cheers, Ad

To be truthful, I don’t know, but I imagine it wouldn’t be too much later than that. Of-course, if they are anything like me, they’ll need a good strong coffee before starting work on anything :slight_smile:

That’s the problem with this ‘global economy’, everything seems to happen according to someone elses timezone. Being way down here on the bottom of the planet, this generally equates to lots of lost sleep. :slight_smile:


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indeed, I’m always losing sleep, too - but, I mind it less when I’m getting work done

this current, potentially disastrous situation, has kept me up while getting almost nothing accomplished

though, I have learned…

'night/'day, Ad

The suppor staff actually work 24 hours a day. I think they may have a smaller staff on through the wee hours, but they are there none the less.

I definatly reccomend keeping your own backups of your sites. It’s just smart. What if your account were to be disabeled for some reason, or what if your data is on a filer that gets corrupted and DH looses everything? Backups are always good. That being said, sites with FP extensiosn arn’t the easiest to backup but there’s two articles in the wiki that will help.
The first article is here. That artice needs updating, but if you follow the instructions in this article just use the script from the first article and follow the instructions in the 2nd to save and upload them.

If that’s too confusing I’ll be updating the 2nd article sometime late today and include FP instructions. Anywho, this will provide you with a system that should backup everything. The problem is that you no longer have access to the files with FP extensions, so the backup system starts with the index page. It downloads all the images and everything, then follows out to every page that is linked to - and gets all it’s images and what not. It just keeps following links and downloading everything from your domain (it won’t follow liks to outside domains). So as long as each file on your server is linkd to from somewhere, it will be backed up.

–Matttail - personal website

Hi Mattail -

thanks for your information

I don’t understand at all how to back-up Front-Page extension enabled website files - but, once DH restores our websites, I shall be sure to find someone who does!

From the sounds of it, out index.html file (and maybe more) was lost when “bob” was transferred to new hardware.

I’m hopeful that due to this dire emergency, DH will allow us access to the backups it keeps of FrontPage enabled websites - specifically, ours!

If there’s anything else we can or should do at this stage, I appreciate hearing.

cheers, Adrian

I’ll still looking for a phone number for Dreamhost

the number I have

1-323-583-7991 is out of service/disconnected, and I can’t get Support to give me a call-back, even though our Monster Code account supposedly gives us three call-backs a month!

anyone have any idea how to reach DreamHost Support or DreamHost by phone?

cheers, Ad

unfortuanly there is no way to contact support by phone. It’s just not something they provide for shared hosting customers. DH will call you back when they get to your message, fear not. I think that many of the regular techs don’t know how to work with Front Page extensions and you have to wait on upper level support who have more expirence. Unfortunatly this means you have to wait a bit longer. :frowning:

In some ways it seems DH isn’t the greatest for sites using FP - no backups and I’ve had longer wait times than usual when deal with FP issues. Then again, I’ve had other hosts who claim they have FP extensions, but they don’t really work.

As far as backups, I reccomend that you follow the 2nd article I mentioned in a few days when there’s a section there about making backups for FP sites. You can of couse just use FP to make backups of your sites, but you have to remember to do that on a regular basis.

–Matttail - personal website

Thanks for the info Matttail. I actually did not know they had support staff working around the clock.

I usually only receive replies during daylight (California time) hours, but I guess that could be because I am asking all the wrong questions and they need to be escalated.


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